FIREGROUND is now licensed by AFAC to deliver AIIMS and BWA training, after meeting stringent criteria to deliver both of the nationally-accredited courses.

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Course in AIIMS-4 Principles
AIIMS-4 is the national incident management doctrine for fire and emergency services, and for a growing number of private and public sector organisations.
The 22202VIC Course in Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System is a 16-hour program that focuses on training the principles of AIIMS. It is a crucial requirement for organisations and individuals that seek training in AIIMS principles. This course supports a consistent national approach to training personnel.
For professionals seeking to perform a particular role (i.e. Incident Controller) within an AIIMS-based structure, additional role-specific training (and subsequent organisational approval) is required upon successful completion of this course. Authorisation to perform a role within the AIIMS structure is subject to the policies and procedures mandated by an individual’s organisation.
Course in Basic Wildfire Awareness (BWA)
The 22288VIC Course in BWA is a 6-hour program introducing personnel to the key risks associated with a bushfire or prescribed burn, and the precautions required to remain safe.
This course is appropriate for professionals who provide support services at bushfires or planned burns, such as media liaison officers, wildlife carers, police, ambulance officers, emergency service personnel, first aid officers, utility company employees, camping ground hosts and contractors.