Dave and Russell have just returned from another boot camp. The pace was hectic as the fire season has started early in the northern part of the state and crews that were attending camp were called upon to get to the firelines. Fifty eight students were trained at Crew Leader, Firefighter and Advanced Firefighter level.

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We had a fantastic email from one of the trainees yesterday, it made us feel pretty special…….

I got home that I didn’t get a chance to thank you all
for your excellent training, knowledge and patience. I also
wanted to say thank you for recognising my attitude and
behaviour. I was just being myself and it means so much to
me that you all saw that. I have recently come out of one of
life downs, so it really was a special moment for me. Again,
thank you all so much I really enjoyed the training and
hearing your stories. I think I will make a great FF because
of you guys!
Thanks Sarah for your great feedback!