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Our Expertise

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41245), we hold a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Fire Training, Planning, Operations, Incident Management, and Facility Emergency Response.

We pride ourselves on the credibility we’ve garnered over the years, which we credit to our dedicated and experienced team of professionals.

Our Services and Training

Fire Training

We offer robust training that spans from the level of crew member up to Incident Management Teams (IMT).

Ancillary Fire Training

Our expertise extends to ancillary fire training such as Chainsaw operation, 4WD & Recovery, Heavy Plant machinery, Aviation safety, and Fire weather forecasting.


We provide training in the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS) and Basic Wildfire Awareness (BWA), crucial skills for effective fire management.

Prescribed Burn Plans

Our team is well-versed in crafting, assessing, and auditing prescribed burn plans.

Property Bush Fire Evacuation Plans

We assist landholders or residents within fire-prone areas to formulate efficient bushfire evacuation plans.

Facility Emergency Procedures

We cater to businesses of all sizes, providing planning, assessment, and auditing of facility emergency procedures.

First Aid Training

We offer comprehensive first aid courses, including remote first aid and advanced resuscitation.

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